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IMEX Showcase this month brings you a VERY strong, compelling TED talk from Julien Treasure. He is an advocate for sound and acoustics. If you are an architect and not seen this, then you HAVE to check it out. Watch this month’s IMEX Showcase below:

IMEX works closely with architects and sound consultants to create peaceful but vibrant environments. Acoustic underlays play a large and essential role in this. Our Timbertech range of acoustic underlays has been a market leader now for the last couple of decades.We also encourage the use of carpet tiles as a prime choice of floor covering, knowing the excellent acoustic properties it has compared with other hard coverings.
Because of poor acoustics, students in classrooms miss 50 percent of what their teachers say and patients in hospitals have trouble sleeping because they continually feel stressed. Julian Treasure sounds a call to action for designers to pay attention to the “invisible architecture” of sound.

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